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Car Battery for Maruti Alto

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Maruti Alto is one of the most selling car in India. You can find below various battery options for Alto petrol from Amaron, Exide :

Amaron Offer battery for Alto petrol in All ranges ranging from 12 month to 60 months :

  1. Alto Petrol – 35AH Amaron Pro – 60 Month Warranty- MRP 4551
  2. Alto Petrol – 35AH Amaron Flo – 48 Month Warranty – MRP 4012 
  3. Alto Petrol – 35AH Amaron Go – 36 Month Warranty –  MRP 3812
  4. Alto Petrol – 35AH Amaron Black – 18 Month Warranty – MRP 3430
  5. Alto Petrol – 35AH Amaron Fresh – 12 Month Warranty – MRP 2980

Car battery option from Exide for Maruti Alto Petrol are :

  1. Alto Battery – 35AH Exide Matrix – 60 Month – MRP 5232
  2. Alto Battery – 35AH Exide Mileage – 48 Month – MRP 4144
  3. Alto Battery – 35AH Exide Mileage RED – 48 Month – MRP 4152

Exide Mileage red and Exide Milage are same battery in different package.

From the above comparison its clear that Amaron is better optiona and also from our advice – please go with Amaron models – they are better in terms of quality and value for money. Exide is certainly costly and without any added quality service advantage.

View more options here  : Battery for Maruti Alto Car


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