Online Battery Megastore – Buy Sell Batteries


LetsBuyBattery.com is a Small team of committed professionals. We were initially into recycling business – Recycling of Plastic waste and Recycling of Lead Acid Batteries. In our this new venture LetsBuyBattery.com we help customers with :

  • Buy Batteries at Convenience  of your home
  • Do Research about batteries
  • View all options from all brands with their detailed information
    • Price
      • MRP
      • Discounted Price
      • Price with Old Battery
    • Warranty Details
    • Weight and Dimentions
  • Collect Old Deal Batteries and recycle them.

Founding Team members are :

Sunil Kumar Aggarwal 

DSC_0321  Sunil Kumar Aggarwal is the Visionary at the LetsBuyBattery.com. He drives most of the stuff. He is BSC Chemistry and MBA. Sunil Have more than 20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing.

Shelly Gupta 

LetsBuyBattery_Founder_ShellyGupta   Shelly Gupta is M.Tech in Computer Science from KurukshetraUniversity. She has around 8+ years of experience in technology and she has worked in various big companies like : Honeywell, Aricent and Atrenta. She is the perfectionist in the team. She drives the technology with Quality. In her free time she loves to play with her little daughter.

Sumit Gupta

SumitGupta_LetsBuyBatteryFounder Sumit Gupta is M.A Economics and M.Phil Economics from Kurukshetra University. He is the man who drives operations at the LetsBuyBattery.com. Sumit have more than 15 years of experience in managing operations.

Aditi Mittal 

Aditi Mittal is M.Tech in Computer Science. She has more than 10 years of rich experience in Web Development and Designing. She is managing the technology front-end at LetsBuyBattery.com

Puneet Kumar

Puneet Kumar is M.S in computer Science from BITS Pilani and B.Tech Honours Degree from Kurukshetra University. As a technology advisor Puneet helps automating various tasks at the LetsBuyBattery.com


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