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Tribal Range of UPS, Batteries and Solar Products by Amara Raja Electronics Limited

Amara Raja Group has emerged as the leading manufacturer of top quality UPS, Batteries and allied products in India and Afro-Asia Regions. There brands – Amaron, Quanta and PowerZone have established in the pole position of the market. Amaron automotive batteries have emerged as the darling of the market. In the era of internet, people discuss products and services in various forums and the word spread very fast about anything good or bad.

In the series of excellent products, Amara Raja Electronics Limited, a group company under Amara Raja umbrella, has introduced a new brand – TRIBAL with the slogan Join the Tribe. The products under the brand are:

  1. Tribal Tall Tubular Batteries: The batteries comes in two ah sizes – 150ah & 165ah. There are further two categories from warranty point of view – with 30 months of replacement warranty and with 36 months free + 12 months Pro-Rata warranty.
  2. Tribal Ultra Low Maintenance Flat Plate Batteries: The products under the categories are – 100ah battery with 18 months warranty, 135 and 150 ah batteries with 24 months warranty.
  3. Tribal SMF VRLA Inverter Batteries: Another product for inverter application Tribal has introduced is Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries (SMF) with Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) technology. These batteries does not need electrolyte top-up. Hence, the buyer is free from a major burden of routine maintenance. These batteries comes in 100, 130, 160 and 200ah sizes with 24 months replacement warranty.
  4. Tribal i-Ace Home UPSs: These are Pure Sine Wave inverters with copper transformers. Rather than fuse, the products come with Sneider MCCB. Hence, a major advantage over competitors. These comes in five sizes – 400va, 675va, 825va & 1400va sizes. The home-UPSs come with 24 months warranty. In case of any problem, the inverters comes with call-centre based home services in most parts of India.
  5. Tribal High Capacity Industrial UPS: The products comes in Pure Sine Wave, Copper Transformer and MCCB in place of fuse. The capacities the products are available in, are- 2.0 KVA/ 24V, 2.5 KVA/ 48V, 3.5 KVA/ 48V, 5.0 KVA/ 48V, 5.0 KVA/ 96V, 7.5KVA/ 120V and 10 KVA/ 180V. The products are recommended for Filling Stations, Hospitals, Hotels and other large scale userd.
  6. Tribal Solar Home Light System with 3 LEDs: Tribal has come up a unique product to help low income group people. The product comes as a package consisting of the following – A Solar Module, one 20 Wh Li-ion Battery in a casing, 3 1w each LED bulbs, 3 wires of lengths 5M, 3M and 3M. The solar panel can be put on the roof of a hut and can lighten up the insides. It can be used by vegetable or fruit sellers to help them out in the evenings.
  7. Solar Retrofit Kit: Amara Raja Electronics Limited has come up with a Solar Retrofit Kit to convert your existing inverter into a ‘Solar Inverter’. We would share the details of the product/s in the kit in our nest post.
  8. Tribal Home UPS1 Tribal SMF VRLA Batteries Tribal Tribal Flat Plate Battery Tribal Home UPS

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Started Battery Delivery in Delhi-NCR

We are excited to announce that – We now delivery batteries in Delhi / NCR. So look no further if you are looking to buy Car/Inverter Battery in Delhi-NCR. So Look no further login to http://letsbuybattery.com and place the order now 🙂

We now cover the below Area’s in Delhi/NCR

  • Delhi
  • Gurgoan
  • Noida
  • Indirapuram
  • Faridabad

Special offer for Delhi-NCR customers :

  1. Amaron Current 15000 Tall Tubular Battery with 30 Months replacement warranty : http://letsbuybattery.com/amaron-current-crtt-15000-tall-tubular-inverter-battery-price/  + Amaron 700 VA Pure Sine Wave inverter with 3 year Warranty only 14000 Rs.
  2. Exide Tube Master TM 500 Tall Tubular Battery only at 10000 Rs. http://letsbuybattery.com/exide-tube-master-150ah-tall-tubular-battery-price/


So if you looking for a car or inverter battery in NCR – Look no further Login and order now : http://LetsBuyBattery.com


LetsBuyBattery.com Team



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Launched Beta Version of LetsBuyBattery.com – Online Battery Megastore

Launching today the beta version of our new venture – online battery megastore LetsBuyBattey.com. Thanks to team and well-wishers who made it happen – Sunil Kumar Agrawal.. Sumit Gupta.. Shelly Gupta.. Aditi Mittal..Vivek Mittal .. Ritesh Garg.. Ritesh Goel .. Vineet Sharma .. Anuj Taneja ..Sachin Mittal .. Sonia Aggarwal ..for their efforts and guidance.

The idea is to

– Sell new batteries
– Replace old batteries with new ones
– Buy old dead batteries for recycling

We are starting initially only in Panipat and Karnal area and based on our learning and feedback we will soon like to expand to near by cities. For people we are not so tech savy we are also starting a customer care interface with call centre number : 8929-180-180

This is the first version of the site. Initially there may be be few issues, bugs errors but team is committed to and it would be improved upon consistently.

Please give it a try and leave give me the feedback. Attached few images of the site.

We interface : www.letsbuybattery.com
Phone Interface : 8929 – 180 – 180

Please like our facebook page to get more updates :